Friday, October 30, 2009

All About Autism - Definition, Diagnoses, and Symptoms

Autism, or Autistic Disorder is a severe and devastating psychological mayhem in which the patient suffers serious difficulties in interacting and communicating with other people. Autism affects your social, emotional and behavioral development, often starting in childhood, and many times lasting well into adulthood.

Because there is no known cure for the disorder at this time, you may end up living your entire life with it, experiencing little or no improvement.

When you suffer from autism, a professional is often able to tell from the time when you are only three years old. Because of all kinds of autism research that is ongoing, there are now better ways to even diagnose the disorder at this time. As a matter of fact, they can see if you have symptoms of autism as an infant today by just watching you closely to see if you have warning signs of the disorder.

Symptoms of autism exhibit themselves in three major aspects of your life, which are social difficulties, communicative difficulties, and restrictive interests. Social symptoms of autism include the inability to respond to others, make gestures, or even make friends because you do not really recognize the feelings of others.

The common communicative symptoms include speech and language difficulties, which may cause you to repeat the exact same thing you have heard back to the person who spoke it. And the most basic of your restrictive symptoms may have you sitting in the same way on the same spot all day, playing with the same toy all the time, lining things up, and generally hating any changes to anything around you.

You may not have autism, but you want to observe to see if your child does, because if they do you need to get them help, and you need to get some help yourself on how to care for your autistic loved one.

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