Friday, October 30, 2009

Autism in Your Child - Causes and Prevention

It has been confirmed through various tests, experiments and researches that there is a genetic link to the susceptibility of a child to suffer from autism, although the link itself has not been determined.

The Refrigerator Mother idea was postulated at one time also, suggesting that bad parenting may have caused the disorder in some way. This was greatly misleading at the time, and was rather overwhelming for several families. Thankfully, the notion of it has been disproved and families now know that it is most likely due to no fault of theirs that the child suffers.

It is also believed that several environmental factors have the potential to cause a child to have autism. Factors such as pollutants and chemicals in the surrounding area, illness that the mother of the child suffered from during pregnancy or medication that was taken then, and the likes, were thought to have been culprits.

These have not been proven by any kind of research results and thus remains highly speculative, although researchers are almost certain that high metal content in diets certainly have a contribution to it all.

No, they do not know what causes autism or how it can be cured, except that it is something that could have been avoided. You can best prevent autism by living a healthy a clean life, free of as much toxins and poisons as possible, and full of activity and exercise that will keep you in good physical and medical shape. These can reduce the genetic maladies you can pass on to your offspring, including, probably, autism.

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